Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration.

Commercial fires cause physical, financial, and emotional challenges for business owners. The after effects are often difficult for those on the outside to understand. To help restore the process, restoration specialists know how to address your needs quickly and efficiently. When a fire disaster occurs, first ensure the safety of your employees. Once everyone is […]

Fire Damage Cleanup In Six Steps

Commercial fires cause physical, financial, and emotional challenges to you and your business premises. The effects are often devastating. Restoration specialists like EPSCO India knows how to address your needs quickly and efficiently. When a fire disaster occurs, ensure the safety of your employees first. Once everyone is safe and fire is doused by authorities, […]

Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire destroys everything in its range. After a blaze is doused, there is so much to do, and time is critical.  Gutted property openings need to be covered to protect against the elements and unauthorized entry, and there’s extensive debris removal to be carried out and repairs to be taken care of. Fire invites two […]

Fire, Smoke And Water Damage Restoration

GUIDE TO FIRE, SMOKE AND WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION Fire is one of the deadliest hazards and can cause destruction within minutes, resulting in loss of property, valuables as well as documentation. This blog will guide property owners to call and rely on fire, smoke and water damage restoration professionals to bring their facilities back to […]

Fire & Flood Restoration

For Fire and Flood Restoration, count on EPSCO India A fire has the power to destroy your property within minutes. Your valuables, important papers and the wonderful memories can all get charred within no time. Whatever left behind at all, the emotional toll is overwhelming. Allow us to help you through the fire and flood […]


EPSCO India is in the business of cleaning the environment, health and safety. One of our specializations is in restoration of iconic buildings after natural calamities like fire, tsunami or acts of terror. It is very essential to protect the heritage of historic building during their restoration. We accurately reveal and recover the state of […]

Fire Restoration – a thorough job

A fire in your residential or commercial property does more damage than meets the eye. The structural damage is what most people can see. But at EPSCO, we understand the water and the force of water or the fire extinguisher used also damages a lot of internal properties. Apart from this the smoke has really […]

Restaurant Fire – Causes and Caution

Restaurant fires can be devastating for everyone – from chefs, staff to guests – and mostly for the owners. The kitchen fire causes damage to equipment, building structure and injuries to guests, restaurant workers, and kitchen employees. The business takes a financial hit due to repair work, word of mouth, business downtime and sometimes in […]

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