Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire destroys everything in its range. After a blaze is doused, there is so much to do, and time is critical.  Gutted property openings need to be covered to protect against the elements and unauthorized entry, and there’s extensive debris removal to be carried out and repairs to be taken care of. Fire invites two more damage factors viz. water damage caused by water jets and smoke that causes its own extensive destruction. Much of this can be prevented if the correct preventive actions are taken in the first few hours after the fire is doused.  And you’re likely to need water extraction and related services to limit mould and other water damage.  It’s more for just a few people to handle, and very few companies like EPSCO India have the necessary training to do things right.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process

Even a relatively small fire can present a very difficult and complex situation.  Often emotionally devastating for the business owner, it’s also technically challenging even for experienced fire and smoke damage restoration professionals.  No two blazes are alike and different combinations of surfaces, materials, and types of smoke require different cleaning and restoration solutions.

EPSCO India takes these steps:

1. Assessment Recovery begins with our team of expert’s assessment and planning.  They will create a recovery plan specific to your place of business and the fire damage inflicted.  That plan will include details of all damage, materials and a detailed schedule of remediation steps.

2. Securing the business property is the first priority. It is for the safety for our workers and the property’s contents.  Accomplishing that may involve structural reinforcements, roof tarp covers, and board ups for destroyed windows, door, and walls.

3. Initial cleaning is performed once the business property is safe and secure. Our team begins debris removal along with initial cleaning and repairs.

Smoke and Odour Removal

The next priority is preventing further smoke damage and keeping fire odours from becoming permanent.  Soot and smoke contains hundreds of harmful compounds that are toxic, corrode metals and glass, stain and discolour, and lead to almost permanent odours.  EPSCO India team uses professional equipments to remove smoke and odour.

Water Damage Restoration

EPSCO India team removes all that water soaked deeply into just about everything, leading to mould, wood buckling and warping, and drywall crumbling in a matter of just a few days.  Much, if not all, of that can be avoided with immediate and thorough water extraction, structural dry out, and mould remediation.

Content Restoration

A similar fire damage restoration process of drying, cleaning, and deodorizing applies to the building’s contents.  We’ll take immediate action to remove possessions from wet and contaminated areas for their protection and to speed build drying and cleaning.  As with the business property, the goal is to return salvageable items to pre-loss condition. So please remember to call EPSCO India team of professionals in case of fire to restore your business property from further fire, waster and smoke damage. The quicker you call us, the faster we can restore your property.

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