Covid 19 Sanitization

Emergency response for preparing safe work spaces during COVID-19 Pandemic

It may take a long time, till we recover to our earlier normal times but the economic journey needs to continue unabated from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating a healthy and safe working environment is of prime importance for EPSCO and taking the journey further, EPSCO India who are the leaders in full range of environmental services, have introduced a new self-disinfectant microbial coating when applied to any surface provides protection from incubating bacteria and virus growth that works 24×7 (upto 90 days).

The active component is QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Chloride) which is approved by EPA and other government agencies stating the efficacy of the product.  The efficacy of coating remains intact provided the coating is not scratched away from the surface or worn out due to chemical/ washing/ scrubbing using any harsh liquid.

Be it Airports, Metros, Theatres, Banks, Offices, Hospitals/Clinics, Factories, Institute, Retail shops or Malls, there will be areas that are prone to Cross Infection to users. Those High Traffic Areas & High Touch Areas in every facility is recommended to be applied with this magic Coating for total protection.

The sanitizing services meets “best practice” guidelines for maintaining a hygienic workplace/living environment.

EPSCO India aims towards the “new normal” by innovating and ensuring a “clean and safe recovery” to gear up the wheels of business across various sectors.