Emergency response for preparing safe work places post COVID-19 Pandemic

Emergency response for preparing safe work places post COVID-19 Pandemic

EPSCO India has developed innovative solutions and state-of-the-art practices for effectively tackling IAQ and HVAC issues inside the workspaces in India since year 2000. In the wake of current pandemic of the COVID-19 disease, EPSCO India is in the forefront to sanitize surfaces and instruments in the premises and take all the necessary action to arrest the spread of COVID-19.

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How long can COVID-19 live on the surface?

In a recent study in the Journal of Hospital Infection titled “Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and their inactivation with biocidal agents J. Hosp. Infect. 2020” concluded that human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature of 30°C [86°F] or more, the duration of persistence is shorter. Since the virus is spread from person to person, the occupied space can become a susceptible area of transmission and further spread. This is especially true in places like commercial premises, shared offices, classrooms, student housing and public spaces like retail stores, airports, event venues, etc.

The EPSCO India approach

EPSCO India offers ‘Sanitization Solutions’ for the Indoor Environment of premises before re-opening of the workspaces after the lockdown.

ATP Testing

Basic Principle of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) test is to make the extent of the cleaning process measurable. ATP Test is a kind of a swab test that determines the level of microbes on the surface in an instant. If the surface is free of any microbial growth then in turn it will be free of Viruses. This ATP test procedure allows us to determine the same.

Primarily these varying levels of remediation are done using Proprietary Solutions developed by EPSCO INDIA which consist of combination of surface sanitisation, HVAC/Coil Cleaning and Duct Cleaning.

Active Shield+

EPSCO India – Industry leaders with wealth of experience in full range of Environmental services, brings in a safety product “ACTIVE SHIELD+ Coating”  a technology, which is proven to be effective to significantly reduce the risks of cross-contamination. 

EPSCO India, carries exclusive differentiator of  being a standards’ compliant and professionally driven Company with top priority on Health, Hygiene & Safety.


Disinfects, Cleans, Sanitizes in ONE step, adhering to all the cleaning protocols. Eco-friendly and good for daily use.


After disinfection, protects the surface against any Virus, Bacteria, Fungi & Mold with the Antimicrobial coating upto 90 DAYS.


A Certificate, as per EPA guidelines and US FDA, is issued certifying that the property has been coated with ActiveShield+.

Active Shield+ is a protective coating, having a bed of dense microscopic spikes that pierces the cell membrane of Microbes upon contact.  It sticks to the coated surface by an ultra strong bond and continues to shield the surface for any future micro-organisms.

The coating remains intact and is effective 24×7 over 90 days, as long the coating is not scratched.