An Invisible Barrier to Mould
EnviroTouch contains healthy probiotics for the control of mould and odours. It forms a barrier on surfaces preventing mould and fungi from propagating.

The natural ingredients in EnviroTouch create unfavourable conditions for mould growth and help prevent offensive odours developing, both indoors and outside in drains and areas where bins and rubbish is stored.

EnviroTouch lays down an invisible barrier that leverages a unique enzyme and probiotic formula that is both active and passive. When temperature and humidity give rise to mould-growing conditions the probiotics out-compete mould for nutrients and moisture, preventing mould from taking hold.


Carpet Maintenance

Mould and mildew have a tendency to grow and thrive wherever there is moisture, and indoor carpet is an ideal place for mould, moss and mildew to attach themselves. It can be more than unsightly, it can be unsanitary as well. Fortunately mould and mildew are easy protect against and doing so will make your carpet last much longer and look much better.

Application is Child’s Play

Application of EnviroTouch is simple and will protect your carpets from mould and mildew growth. Dilute EnviroTouch 1:4 with water and using a hand sprayer apply to the carpet until lightly damp approx. 50ml per sqm. This should be done between major cleans to stop any chance of a mould infestation.

Flood Remediation

Flooding can cause major damage to homes and buildings. The chance of major mould growth after a flood is multiplied.
The normal process for mould remediation is:

Step 1: Water Removal / Water Extraction
Step 2: Drying and Dehumidification
Step 3: Cleaning and Sanitising
Step 4: Restoration

Insurance Against Mould

The problem is that in many situations mould has penetrated the space and is growing and spreading without control. EnviroTouch can be used as the final step to make sure that the mould is stopped from multiplying. Simply apply undiluted as soon as the restoration process is complete at approx. 50-80 mls per m². This becomes a simple insurance policy after the devastation of flood damage.

Odour Control

Uncontrolled bacteria growth and mould cause unpleasant odours to proliferate. EnviroTouch naturally outcompetes the odour causing microorganisms preventing odour. Simply wash bins and apply 30-40 mls of product undiluted.


The concentration and proliferation of bacteria in drains can cause pungent odours. By simply outcompeting the odour controlling bacteria for food with friendly probiotics, odours are stopped and blockages lessened. For floor drains use a foaming sprayer and fill the drain with EnviroTouch foam. Reapply every week or when the odour returns.

SDS and Application

EnviroTouch leaves a safe invisible film with encapsulated probiotics and natural additives to protect treated surfaces against mould, biofilm and odour-producing germs. EnviroTouch active components remain dormant for months when dry. When activated by water, probiotics outcompete mould and other pathogens for food suppressing their growth.