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Fire & Flood Restoration

Fire, flood and other natural calamities do more damage than meets the eye. It’s not just physical damage to a property, but also a huge loss – emotionally. EPSCO India handle the residential losses with a consideration of the trauma the homeowner is experiencing, and approach commercial losses with an understanding of how business interruption and loss of revenue can affect an industrial or commercial company.

In many cases, additional damage is caused by efforts to extinguish the fire using large volumes of water. Water damage to a structure can be extensive. Whilst secondary damage, usually caused by relatively slow response times and a failure to quickly and effectively control moisture and Relative Humidity, can be equally as damaging.

EPSCO offers all the services necessary to completely restore your home or commercial property back to a pre-loss condition very quickly and cost effectively.

EPSCO provides complete Emergency Cleaning Services including:

  • Inspection and Assessment of Emergency Requirements
  • Debris Removal
  • Smoke and Odour Decontamination
  • Structural Drying
  • Content Restoration
  • Property Restoration

Contact us today to avail Industrial, Corporate and Individual/residential solutions throughout India.

We use ultrasonic cleaning equipments and modern technologies to provide qualitative solutions.

The experienced and dedicated team at EPSCO, is very accurate in providing comprehensive estimates of the repair costs. All assessments include digital photographs of the property and, specific damage, together with a detailed appraisal of the overall situation.