Fire and Flood Restoration

Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration
For Fire and Flood Restoration, count on EPSCO India A fire has the power to destroy your property within minutes. Your valuables, important papers and the wonderful memories can all get charred within no time. Whatever left behind at all, the emotional toll is overwhelming. Allow us to help you through the fire and flood damage cleanup. Fire fighters use powerful water jets to douse fire. This water in large quantity floods your fire damaged property. That’s when we come in the picture to help you through the fire and flood damage cleanup. From securing the property area to cleaning up all that’s left and rebuilding your fire damaged structure, we do every inch of the work and make it right again. You need to feel certain that your left out belongings are taken care of. They’ll need to be cleaned and stored. You’ll want to know this is being done by a trusted company like EPSCO India that has a proven track record, and a commitment to your best interests. We keep in touch with you every step of the way. EPSCO India Fire and flood restoration policy is to respond 24×7, recover, and restore. We take that very seriously. Fire and flood restoration is the professional job which has been helping both home and business owners to deal with disasters. We work hard to make things right when the worst happens. EPSCO India feels this necessary to make you aware about how to respond when facing a fire in their premises. Here are a few tips on what to do in the case of a fire.
  • If your property is on fire, leave the building and do not go back in! Call 101.
  • If a door or door handle is warm or hot, find another way out. You should never open a door that is warm or hot.
  • Stay below the smoke by crawling on the floor.
If you aren’t able to get out due to smoke, heat, or fire, keep the doors closed.  Put a wet towel under the door and call 101. Wave a brightly coloured item or a flashlight to call for help.
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