How Do We Follow Proper HVAC Cleaning Process

EPSCO India is offering HVAC Cleaning Service since a decade. We are the members of NADCA. According to the NADCA standards, we follow two methods to clean HVAC cleaning: breaking contaminants loose, and collection of contaminants. BREAKING CONTAMINANTS LOOSE Properly cleaning of HVAC systems requires removing the sources of contamination. Source removal begins with the […]

How To Choose The Right HVAC Duct Cleaning Company

Are you aware of how poor air quality of your business premises lead to health issues? Are you wondering how to select the right HVAC duct cleaning company for the best service? Are you aware what kind of services HVAC duct cleaning companies offer? Follow the six steps listed below to finalise the contract for […]

Benefits of HVAC System Cleaning

In a country like India dust is abundant naturally. The ongoing constructions around only add to the dust settling in homes and offices. This along with other indoor contaminants like dust mites, tobacco, smoke, household mold, chemicals, airborne allergens, bacteria, animal dander and carbon monoxide circulate through the homes and offices and affect the health […]

Winter Is Coming, And So Is A Spike In Pollution, Warn Environmentalists:

With winter approaching, Delhi’s pollution woes are about to return, environmentalists have warned, calling for reinstating traffic restrictions, curbs on coal-fuelled power plants and construction projects. “We are approaching the big winter problem and pollution is going to pick up rapidly now,” Anumita Roy Chawdhary, Executive Editor of the Centre for Science and Environment or […]

Controlling Dust, Dust Mites, and Other Allergens in Your Office

Allergies and allergy sickness are among the top three reasons people miss work, and can have a significant effect on productivity. So it’s very important for business owners to recognize that they should do some simple things that can reduce overall exposure to allergens and other irritants. Protect your workplace with these easy steps: 1. […]

The restaurant catches fire, thanks to the kitchen grease

While kitchen ducts may be out of sight, they should never be out of mind as grease build-up in extraction systems is one of the most common causes of fire in catering establishments. About one-fourth of the fires per year in commercial properties are attributed to cooking and extraction systems. Businesses need to pay closer […]

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