We’re Behind The Confidence Of Smiling Flyers

airport safety

The first casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic was the airline industry. Suddenly overnight, all flights across the world were cancelled and the aircraft were towed away into hangars. In one instant, an entire mode of travel came to a complete standstill. With lockdown being declared across major countries, one could not even travel using other […]

Sanitization of Offices & Commercial Establishments Post Covid Lockdown

Sanitization of Offices and Commercial Establishments

After the present lockdown officially ends and the central and state governments give full permission to offices and commercial establishments to function normally as before, it will be mandatory for these institutions to sanitize their premises as part of a defined plan towards ensuring the safety of their employees and customers. 

What Is ATP Testing?

ATP Testing

EPSCO India is offering professional sanitization services pan India. We use WHO approved disinfectants, sanitizers, equipment and methods to sanitize the high-touch surfaces, both indoors as well as outdoors. We also perform ATP Testing. WHAT IS ATP TESTING? ATP Testing is the measure of cleanliness when it comes to Sanitization. It provide us information whether […]

Best Practices On Sanitisation Of Commercial Properties During Pandemic

Sanitisation Of Commercial Properties During Pandemic

As the coronavirus has made its way across the globe and in India, it’s important for building management professionals to understand the proactive steps they must take to prevent the spread of illness in their commercial facilities. In this blog we have stated some of the best practices to follow throughout the year to minimize […]


Increase Employee Comfort And Productivity

As per ISO 45001:2018 certification, EPSCO India is dedicated to provide a working environment to its employees that is safe and without risk. Our team of professionals use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suitable to their job profile, whenever they are out for restoration work. PPE is the set of equipments that protects the user against […]

Swachh Bharat: Time to make an impact

Increase Employee Comfort And Productivity

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced with much fanfare the Swachh Bharat Mission on Gandhi Jayanti last October. The aim is to ensure a Clean India in five years. A lot of staged photos were taken across the country of ministers, celebrities and bureaucrats cleaning streets. What was remarkable is that the new PM told the […]

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