Indoor Air Quality Audit During Covid19 Pandemic

Since March, everyone is stuck indoors because of India wide lockdown. We all are practicing social distancing to keep ourselves safe and combat the spread of COVID-19. You might think that staying indoors means you’re safe from air pollution, but research shows that this is far from the case. Air pollution can occur indoors, too […]

What Is ATP Testing?

EPSCO India is offering professional sanitization services pan India. We use WHO approved disinfectants, sanitizers, equipment and methods to sanitize the high-touch surfaces, both indoors as well as outdoors. We also perform ATP Testing. WHAT IS ATP TESTING? ATP Testing is the measure of cleanliness when it comes to Sanitization. It provide us information whether […]

Perform IAQ Audits Before Winter Sets In

As winter approaches, the air begins to settle down, getting denser and converting into fog. In cities, the dense air gets mixed with pollution and becomes smog. As we all know the outdoor air quality eventually affects indoor air quality, its utmost essential to take care of indoor air quality especially when it comes out […]

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Each November, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizes Lung Cancer Awareness Month (LCAM). EPA’s Indoor Environments Division seeks to promote healthy living by reducing the risk of lung cancer nationwide. Lung cancer will account for about 13 percent of all new cancers in the United States in 2019 and is the leading cause of cancer death among both […]


  Dear member, The Breathing Clean initiative was developed to support the Anti-Fraud Task Force with educating homeowners about the benefits of air duct cleaning and the importance of hiring a reputable company to perform the service. Another component of the Breathing Clean mission is to provide you, the NADCA member, with valuable content and […]

IAQ – Indoor Air Quality Facts And Statistics!

In the industrial era that we live in, our urban lifestyle is utterly different from that of rural. In cities and towns most of the people spend 90% of their daily time indoors than outdoors. Most of us are completely unaware that our indoor air could be polluted. As stated, we spend 90% of our […]

Improving Indoor Air Quality In Business Premises

IMPROVING INDOOR AIR QUALITY IN BUSINESS PREMISES Indoor air quality (IAQ) at the business premises is the subject of much concern and for good reason. The air quality of the indoor environment can profoundly affect the health, comfort, and productivity of occupants. It’s a well known fact that the indoor air quality may drop by […]

How To Increase Employee Comfort And Productivity

Although every morning, every office begins functioning with zest, eventually after lunch it hits the afternoon slump. Employees feel stuck reading the same line of an email. A contagious yawn spreads over the room. People feel sleepy or feel fatigue. But it’s not just fatigue. It’s something more. Commercial buildings are notorious for trapping CO2 […]


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is defined as the quality of air that affects the health and well-being of the building occupants. As per EPA & National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), indoor pollutant level maybe 10 to 100 times higher than outdoors. The air quality of the indoor environment profoundly affects the health, […]

Protecting, Restoring & Purifying Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be defined as the quality of air as it affects the health and well-being of building occupantsand corporate houses. As per the WHO (World Health Organisation) most of the buildings in industrial belts of India are not healthy and not good at all for inhalation. There are many factors in […]

The Earth is a Huge Planet, but a Small World — So IAQA is Globalizing

Suhel Parker features in the IAQA Spring 2018 global newsletter on stage at the ACREX India 2018 held in Bengaluru early this year seen with IAQA International Ambassador Derrick A. Denis, Brendan Reid and other IAQA members. IAQA International Ambassador Derrick A. Denis reports on his visits to India and Singapore The importance of a […]

Maintain a Healthy IAQ this Summer

Summer is synonymous with vacations, holidays, nani or dadi house and a lot of indoor time with ACs running all day. Unlike winter, summers bring about a different set of potential hazards. The two month long vacations and children being at home leads to a lot of outside activity – this affects our indoor air […]

Holi and it’s effect on Pollution

The festival of Holi is one of the most important ones and is celebrated all through the country with utmost fervour. It marks the beginning of springtime and is a festival of colours.  It begins a night prior with Holika Dahan wherein we collect sticks and logs and burn them in a pyre.  Today this […]

Winter Air Pollution Across the Country

High air pollution levels are associated with winters when atmospheric inversion traps pollutants close to the ground and cause smog. Also the onset of winters witnesses us celebrating Diwali that causes even more pollution all over the country. India’s capital is choking under off-the-charts smog, with some parts of the city reporting levels almost five […]

Myths related to Indoor Air Quality

We’ve all heard the term – Indoor Air Quality. But it seems that strategies for improving IAQ float about in amounts similar to particles and gases we want to remove. Which approaches are good and which should we filter out – there’s always a debate. Hence we asked Allen P Rathey what myths related to […]

Swachh Bharat: Time to make an impact

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced with much fanfare the Swachh Bharat Mission on Gandhi Jayanti last October. The aim is to ensure a Clean India in five years. A lot of staged photos were taken across the country of ministers, celebrities and bureaucrats cleaning streets. What was remarkable is that the new PM told the […]

Decoding Air Quality Index:

Air pollution has become one of the biggest environmental health risks ever. Millions of people die each year due to ailments where the cause of death has been linked to constant exposure to polluted air. Of the 6-7 million premature deaths each year due to air pollution, more than 50% of those occur in China […]

Winter Is Coming, And So Is A Spike In Pollution, Warn Environmentalists:

With winter approaching, Delhi’s pollution woes are about to return, environmentalists have warned, calling for reinstating traffic restrictions, curbs on coal-fuelled power plants and construction projects. “We are approaching the big winter problem and pollution is going to pick up rapidly now,” Anumita Roy Chawdhary, Executive Editor of the Centre for Science and Environment or […]

Air pollution could be to blame for hundreds of traffic accidents, warn researchers:

Air pollution could be responsible for hundreds of car accidents a year, according to the London School of  Economics. A study looking a five years of data showed that when levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) rise just one microgramme per cubic metre, the number of collisions rises by two per cent. Although it might seem […]

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