What Is ATP Testing?

ATP Testing

EPSCO India is offering professional sanitization services pan India. We use WHO approved disinfectants, sanitizers, equipment and methods to sanitize the high-touch surfaces, both indoors as well as outdoors. We also perform ATP Testing.


ATP Testing is the measure of cleanliness when it comes to Sanitization. It provide us information whether any Microbial Growth is present on the high-touch surface or not, and to what extent. ATP testing makes sanitization measurable. It assures you there is no virus or any microbial growth on the surface.

ATP, also known as Adenosine Triphosphate, exists in all organic material and is the universal unit of energy used in all living cells. Since it exists in all organic material, most foods and microbial cells will contain some level of naturally occurring ATP. Luminometers used with ATP swabs, use bioluminescence to detect residual ATP as an indicator of surface cleanliness. The existence of ATP on a surface signifies improper cleaning and the existence of contamination, including food residue, allergens and/or bacteria.

ATP monitoring is used in processing plants to ensure that ATP presence has been eliminated or has been minimized by the sanitation procedure. The benefits of ATP monitoring are that it prevents cross-contamination, ensures product integrity, protects brand reputation and complies with GMP standards and HACCP requirements.

EPSCO India recommends following surfaces should be ATP tested in commercial premises:
  • Desks/ Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cubicles
  • All electronic gadgets (Computers etc.)
  • Cafeteria
  • Toilets
  • All other High-Contact areas in the office
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