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Contaminated Land and Soil Remediation

Imagine a bustling industrial area where factories release pollutants into the soil through spills or improper waste disposal. In agricultural zones, excessive pesticides and fertilizers also contaminate the ground. Contaminated soil, if left untreated, can harm plants and wildlife, reduce agricultural productivity, and pose serious health risks by entering the food chain or contaminating groundwater. This is where soil remediation becomes vital.

Soil remediation removes harmful contaminants, restoring soil health. By remediating the soil, we not only protect the environment but also ensure safer, healthier communities.

Minimising Life-cycle Costs & Increasing Asset Values

We understand what drivers matter to shareholders, management and regulators and can deliver holistic solutions to ensure client assets are monitored, managed and protected to minimise life-cycle costs and maximise higher-end values, while remaining environmentally compliant.

Our engineers and hazmat (hazardous materials) specialists combine their knowledge of ground conditions with practical and innovative investigation, diagnostic and characterization techniques to accurately profile client sites.

At EPSCO India:

  • We remove and manage all the complexities and liabilities associated with historic contamination, leaving our clients free to focus on the future of their business.
  • We protect current assets through monitoring and management, and future-proof them to cope with an ever-changing regulatory landscape and climate.

Breadth of Expertise to Deliver Complete Solutions

Incorporating the impacts of climate change into our solutions, we are leading the way in sustainable remediation and engineering and have an established track record delivering successful projects of all sizes, across a multitude of sites, land uses and sectors—chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, roads and rail, oil and gas, mines and quarries, industrial and brownfield sites, commercial developments and residential buildings.

We provide comprehensive services related to soil and groundwater contamination issues:

● Contamination assessments
● Environmental management plans
● Groundwater monitoring
● Health risk assessments
● Hydrogeological investigations
● New and emerging contaminant research and remediation
● Phase I, II & III surveys for due diligence and regulatory purposes
● Environmental site assessments
● Principal contracting (Work, Health and Safety compliance)
● Remediation action plans
● Site acquisition/divestment due diligence
● Site clean-up supervision
● Site investigations
● Site-specific risk assessments
● Soil and groundwater assessments
● Soil and groundwater remediation (in situ and ex situ)
● Statutory environmental auditing
● Hazardous material management
● Environmental compliance, permitting and sustainability support
● Third party auditing and review
● Waste soil classification for disposal or reuse

From Project Concept to Completion

From project concept to completion, we have the scale and expertise to work with clients on large complex contaminated lands and small legacy sites. Whether planning a change of site use or rehabilitating a brownfield, we evaluate ground constraints, opportunities, and sustainability considerations. We prioritise understanding our clients’ businesses and challenges, ensuring our solutions deliver long-term commercial, environmental, and economic success.

EPSCO India selects remediation techniques based on contamination type, soil characteristics, and cost. Renowned for our soil remediation expertise, we follow strict safety standards and regulations. Using the latest technologies, our specialists efficiently restore contaminated areas. With unparalleled industrial cleaning expertise, we quickly restore environmental integrity, making us the premier choice for specialised cleaning services.