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Environment protection and restoration is fairly new in India and head quartered out of Mumbai but already spread it’s companies footprint in rest of Maharashtra, Gujarat, New Delhi (NCR) down south Hyderabad, Chennai and Gujarat but definitely serving the need of the hour. India is growing in all sectors by leaps and bounds. Most people are working and spending more time indoors than outdoors. This translates into the need to purify, maintain, restore and protect the inside environment even more. And this is what we, at EPSCO Envirotech, are experts in. With over a decade of experience in creating healthier living environment, we have created an altogether new industry in India.

Our first few years went in sensitizing the citizens towards the need to purify and maintain our living spaces. Health and environment always took a backseat in the corporate world. But gradually more and more companies have become environmentally conscious. Today environmental hygiene and safety play an important role in corporate lifestyle especially after the influx of MNCs across industries. This change is sometimes forced due to global norms of health and safety and at times a conscious decision.Gradually, the Indian companies are moving towards norms that exactly match our vision – that of a clean and safe environment for every human whether it’s at workplace, schools, Healthcare, or at home. The company has maintained global norms and standards since then and goes in for newer certifications every 2-3 years with the introduction of state of the art technology and procedures from all over the world.
We are in the business of cleaning the environment, health and safety, be it the corporate India or the Industrial belt of our country and making India march towards a safer and cleaner living environment. One of our specializations is in restoration, classic example being restoration of iconic buildings after natural calamities like fire, tsunami or acts of terror just like the terror attacks in Mumbai. It is very critical for hospitals to maintain Indoor Air Quality as patients with reduced immunity levels are susceptible to cross contamination. We purify the inside indoor air and thus in turn reduce nosocomial infections in newborns due to infected air conditioned environment in hospitals. One of our major contributions have been in purifying and maintaining the inside indoor environment like that of a pharma company helping it meet the compliance and audits. And maintain inside environment of large companies to meet the global standards. We basically use world class technology to restore the natural balance of the elements within our homes and business environments.
Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced industry professionals who follow global standard processes to the hilt. We have made documentation of the learnings as an important aspect of our company culture for sake of posterity. Our experience and learning lets us offer the best turn-around time and most professional work even while managing the most complex or diverse commercial and industrial jobs following the government norms and global standards to the tee. And offering a clean and healthy living environment for every individual whether they are at schools, offices, hospitals, malls, eateries or simply at home.
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Suhel Parker


Mr. Parker is an entrepreneur with a rich experience of working across the globe. He has run various businesses from Automobile to industrial hygiene services and infrastructural projects.

Mr. Suhel Parker believes in upgrading his own skills as well as his team’s. This way they all grow and become more knowledgeable. He emphasizes on creating skilled teams so that they become independent enough to handle their day to day work.

He took up studying the indoor environmental solution in depth as we spend more than 80 percent of our times indoors. He has worked in environmental cleanup projects across the region handling projects like asbestos abatement, power plant pipe line pickling, restoring chemical and oil tanks, water treatment of lakes and ponds, chemical and oil spills remediation, large smoke-fire-flood restoration projects.

His area of expertise has been with restoring and maintaining indoor environments in comfort air-conditioned areas and in Industrial process factories. He has specialized in restoring all components to deliver efficient clean and healthy environments. Health and safety has always been his first concern in processes that EPSCO Envirotech follows and he always keeps a keen eye at industry best practices to upgrade our standards.

Apart from this Mr. Parker is passionate about automobiles. He likes to drive, maintain and restore vehicles and enhance their performances.

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