Best Practices On Sanitisation Of Commercial Properties During Pandemic

Sanitisation Of Commercial Properties During Pandemic

As the coronavirus has made its way across the globe and in India, it’s important for building management professionals to understand the proactive steps they must take to prevent the spread of illness in their commercial facilities.

In this blog we have stated some of the best practices to follow throughout the year to minimize health hazards, risks and protect your building’s occupants against contaminants. Follow these sanitation protocols to you’re your office occupants healthier, happier and more productive.

  • Seek resources and education from trusted organisations: Misinformation can be fatal in a health crisis, especially in the early stages of a pandemic. Remember to seek information only from credible organisation like The World Health Organisation.
  • Ask to perform an audit of high-touch areas in your office: High-touch areas of your office can harbour millions of bacteria and viruses that should be regularly cleaned and disinfected to encourage a healthy workplace. Ask to perform an audit that notes any surfaces in your office that are most likely to harbour germs. Use the following list to jump start the investigation. Appliances, Desks & Chairs, Coffee stations, Computer mouse, Door handles, Keyboards, Kitchen surfaces, Light switches, Railings, Reception areas, Sinks, Tables, Telephones, Toilets, TV remotes, Vinyl furniture, Water cooler handles and many more.
  • Clean and disinfect identified high-touch areas in your office: There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning solutions are great for removing dirt and grime, while disinfecting solutions work to kill germs and bacteria. If you’re looking to properly sanitize contaminated surfaces in your office premises, you’ll need to use a combination of a cleaning product and sanitizing product, or find a cleaning solution that specifically performs both functions.
  • Encourage proper hand washing techniques: Frequent and proper hand washing is the best defence against the spread of illness, not only for employees but also for visitors and occupants. Instruct employees to wash their hands or use hand sanitizers before starting work to prevent more pathogens from entering your office. Hang up posters that demonstrate proper hand washing techniques in restrooms, kitchens and other high-traffic areas. Lastly, provide hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol (according to the CDC). The above safety measures listed in this blog need to be followed throughout the year. This will ensure that you help protect your organization from outbreaks like the coronavirus and you’ll also help prevent the spread of the flu and other pathogens. By following these action items, you’ll increase employee productivity and provide a sanitized and disinfected workplace where employees can continue to perform their daily tasks as planned.
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