Sanitization of Offices & Commercial Establishments Post Covid Lockdown

After the present lockdown officially ends and the central and state governments give full permission to offices and commercial establishments to function normally as before, it will be mandatory for these institutions to sanitize their premises as part of a defined plan towards ensuring the safety of their employees and customers. 

Indoor Air Quality Audit During Covid19 Pandemic

Since March, everyone is stuck indoors because of India wide lockdown. We all are practicing social distancing to keep ourselves safe and combat the spread of COVID-19. You might think that staying indoors means you’re safe from air pollution, but research shows that this is far from the case. Air pollution can occur indoors, too […]

What Is ATP Testing?

EPSCO India is offering professional sanitization services pan India. We use WHO approved disinfectants, sanitizers, equipment and methods to sanitize the high-touch surfaces, both indoors as well as outdoors. We also perform ATP Testing. WHAT IS ATP TESTING? ATP Testing is the measure of cleanliness when it comes to Sanitization. It provide us information whether […]

Best Practices On Sanitisation Of Commercial Properties During Pandemic

As the coronavirus has made its way across the globe and in India, it’s important for building management professionals to understand the proactive steps they must take to prevent the spread of illness in their commercial facilities. In this blog we have stated some of the best practices to follow throughout the year to minimize […]

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