Sanitization of Offices & Commercial Establishments Post Covid Lockdown

Sanitization of Offices and Commercial Establishments

After the present lockdown officially ends and the central and state governments give full permission to offices and commercial establishments to function normally as before, it will be mandatory for these institutions to sanitize their premises as part of a defined plan towards ensuring the safety of their employees and customers.  Precautions to take post-lockdown

Along with ensuring safe transportation for their employees, taking care that there is no overcrowding in the premises, limiting the number of customers per day and ensuring strict hygiene parameters, sanitization of all surfaces and instruments will be the first priority of organisations before they let their employees and customers enter their premises. Choose the right partner for your sanitization program

It is important that they choose only those companies for carrying out the detailed sanitization process, which have all the requisite national and international certifications and are equipped with the relevant equipment and personnel to execute the sanitization procedure which adheres to approved and accepted. industry standards. Check the sanitization company’s track record

Before mandating a company for carrying out the sanitization process in your premises, it is important that you review several entities and evaluate them on multiple parameters. A detailed and thorough sanitization exercise by a company with a proven track record and decades of experience is the first step towards getting your office employee-ready and your business customer-ready. Sanitization of surfaces and HVAC units

The most important aspect of post COVID lockdown sanitization is the complete sanitization of HVAC units and all surfaces. HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, is called the respiratory system of offices, and ensures a comfortable and productive work environment. However, as this system circulates the same air many times in a day, it has to work harder for delivering the optimum level of cooling and heating. A clean HVAC system does not have to work hard to maintain the desired temperature levels. You must evaluate if the sanitization company cleans the complete air duct system as per globally approved standards. The company that you choose must use the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) protocols for professionally cleaning the HVAC systems. Similarly, for effectively sanitizing and decontaminating all surfaces, the company has to follow internationally approved protocols and use only recommended chemicals for destroying the microorganisms on all those surfaces which your employees and customers are likely to touch.

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