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The first casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic was the airline industry. Suddenly overnight, all flights across the world were cancelled and the aircraft were towed away into hangars. In one instant, an entire mode of travel came to a complete standstill. With lockdown being declared across major countries, one could not even travel using other means of transport.  When airports became super-spreaders The mixing of individuals from around the world, the close proximity of areas like security and a lack of focus on personal hygiene led to airports becoming super-spreaders of COVID-19. Governments are now trying to slow the spread of the virus through social distancing, and a cleaner airport environment could buy precious days to help slow down future contagions. With shoes seen as potential carriers of virus, shoe sanitizer mats have been placed at strategic places which are soaked with chemicals that will disinfect the shoes of the passengers.    When flights resume, safety will be paramount Even as we read this, the lockdown on the airline has been lifted to some extent. Slowly, the airline industry is getting back to its feet. A limited number of flights have resumed across all major cities of India. The paramount concern among all stakeholders is the safety of passengers, airline crew and ground staff. Facilities at the T2 Mumbai International Airport have been modified to ensure minimum contact with passengers. Regulations such as protective gowns for passengers in the middle seat, mandatory temperature checks before entering airports, passing through disinfection booths, minimizing touch points have come into force, as the aviation industry tries to land on its feet after the upheaval. EPSCO India is at the forefront of ensuring airport safety Being one of India’s largest COVID-19 sanitization companies, EPSCO India is leading the nation’s efforts of effectively sanitizing airports and making flyers, airline crew and airport ground staff. Recently, we completely sanitized Mumbai International Airport T2 Terminal with Active Shield+, our innovative proprietary all purpose surface cleaner and disinfectant. This path-breaking sanitizing solution protects the disinfected surfaces for up to 6 months with a single application. This gigantic sanitization project was one of the biggest such projects in India and has been appreciated for the speed at which it was carried out, so that the flights could resume within the government deadline.   Active Shield+ is your weapon against COVID-19 Active Shield+ uses a proprietary compound to keep surfaces continuously protected 24/7 for up to 6 months.When coated on an surface, super transparent Active Shield+ forms a chemical bond and sticks to the applied surface. It also forms an invisible crystalline bed of sharp needles. These extremely sharp nano particle sized crystals are insensible to the human touch. However, they puncture and kills the microbes landing on the coated surface.
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