Protecting, Restoring & Purifying Indoor Air Quality

Improving Indoor Air Quality In Business Premises
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be defined as the quality of air as it affects the health and well-being of building occupantsand corporate houses. As per the WHO (World Health Organisation) most of the buildings in industrial belts of India are not healthy and not good at all for inhalation. There are many factors in the environment that eventually make the indoor air very polluted. As the people walk in the office, their shoes bring in most of the pollutants. The air is generally filled with dust, skin particles and pollens. Volatile organic compounds present in organic chemicals used in household plants, carpets, varnishes act as common pollutants. Formaldehyde, pesticides stored inside offices also keep adding pollutants in the air. Even the cleaning processes like sweeping, dusting, vacuuming keep circulating these pollutants in the air instead of removing it. Regular inputs of these invisible pollutants in the indoor air of office premises can affect health of most of employees, affecting their productivity. People spend a lot of their time indoors than outdoors. Hence it is very essential duty of management to provide them with clean, fresh and breathable air. EPSCO India provides IAQ Consultancy by using various standard processes based on global standards. EPSCO India offers professional assistance to improve Indoor Air Quality of office premises benefiting with increased employee morale and their productivity. It improves employee comfort resulting in fewer insurance claims. Overall improved IAQ keeps the indoor atmosphere healthy and fresh.
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