How To Increase Employee Comfort And Productivity

Increase Employee Comfort And Productivity

Although every morning, every office begins functioning with zest, eventually after lunch it hits the afternoon slump. Employees feel stuck reading the same line of an email. A contagious yawn spreads over the room. People feel sleepy or feel fatigue.

But it’s not just fatigue. It’s something more. Commercial buildings are notorious for trapping CO2 and VOCs, causing lethargy, headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms. In a room full of people, these compounds build up throughout the day, causing the dreaded afternoon slump. This blog is all about how you can use your commercial space to combat these symptoms.

To overcome this problem you need to improve indoor air quality of your premises which can boost employee productivity up.

Improve the Air Quality

You can fix the afternoon slump with better indoor air quality (IAQ). Research showed that improved IAQ can boost employee productivity up to 8%. Most commercial buildings need their indoor air quality improved. High indoor CO2 and VOC levels are commonly caused by HVAC systems that are not optimized. A predictive, proactive building controls and smart HVAC solution can improve comfort levels and indoor air quality manifolds.

End Thermostat Wars

You know the procedure. During the winter, employees suffer dry, stuffy air. During the summer, everyone keeps wearing warm clothes to combat an onslaught of air conditioning. Even if you manage to get the balance right, buildings often suffer from hot and cold spots. One room is too hot, another is too cold – and the people seated near windows suffer more. A smart HVAC system can remove hot and cold spots throughout buildings by automatically balancing airflow according to building dynamics. They can predict environmental changes and adapt on their own.

Avoid “Sick Building Syndrome”

Health and wellness of the building occupant is of paramount importance in commercial environments. “Sick Building Syndrome” threatens the health of occupants and can cause severe absenteeism. It can result from building materials, high concentrations of chemicals or machinery, presence of asbestos, old carpets, dirty air ducts or an inefficient HVAC system. High indoor humidity, stagnant airflow, moulds growth, intense odours of any sort are the common signs and symptoms in the sick building.

Empower your Employees

Employees increasingly seek workplace environments that cater to them. Building owners can empower occupants with improved IAQ and can contact EPSCO India for IAQ Audits.

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