A Comprehensive Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Guide For Restaurant Owners

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

EPSCO India brings you comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning guide for the restaurant owners through this blog. As you all know, kitchen exhaust system plays very important role in the restaurant kitchen, pulling heat, smoke, and odours away from cooking surfaces. This also protects both employees and the restaurant facility itself. But over time, the greasy build-up inside hoods and ducts can become a safety hazard of its own.

Regular and thorough cleaning of these systems is must to protect the restaurant against potential fire hazard. You may have to pay a very heavy price for neglecting the system cleaning because grease build-up inside the kitchen exhaust system is one of the leading causes of restaurant fires.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) has set standards for professional exhaust hood cleaning for all commercial kitchens. Failure to meet these requirements not only increases the risk of fire, but also can put a restaurant at risk for hefty fines and mandatory closure.

EPSCO India follows NFPA 96 Standards for Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning, including the frequency of cleaning for various types of kitchens:
  • Monthly cleaning required for the systems serving solid fuel cooking operations
  • Quarterly cleaning required for the systems serving high-volume 24 x 7 cooking operations
  • Semi-Annual cleaning required for the systems serving moderate volume cooking operations and
  • Annual cleaning required for the systems serving low volume cooking operations, such as day camps, churches, seasonal businesses, etc.

According to NFPA 96, the kitchen duct cleaning should be carried out by trained, certified kitchen duct cleaning professionals like EPSCO India. The scope of our work includes:

  • Inspecting exhaust fans for loose or worn out fan belts
  • Cleaning and degreasing all hood filters, hood parts and accessories
  • Cleaning all accessible parts of ductwork from exhaust fans to each individual hood
  • Thoroughly cleaning all affected areas (remove plastic, mop, remove any debris, etc.)
  • Providing a complete, detailed written report of all work performed, and deficiencies in the exhaust system, and recommendations for addressing any problems
  • Attaching a certificate showing company name, person performing the work, and date of cleaning to each hood cleaned.

Our professional kitchen exhaust system cleaning services have a strong understanding of NFPA 96 requirements, and we are able to help restaurant owners and managers make sure their equipment is up to date, functioning properly, and meeting standards for compliance. To ensure the safety of staff and patrons against dangerous building fires, restaurant owners, please make sure to have kitchen exhaust system properly cleaned on a regular basis.

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