Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration.

Fire, Water And Smoke Damage Restoration

Commercial fires cause physical, financial, and emotional challenges for business owners. The after effects are often difficult for those on the outside to understand. To help restore the process, restoration specialists know how to address your needs quickly and efficiently.

When a fire disaster occurs, first ensure the safety of your employees. Once everyone is safe and the fire is doused, call a restoration crew immediately. If your business property remains exposed to smoke, soot and water for a long time, the restoration process becomes more time consuming. Are you aware?

EPSCO India is the industry leader for the Fire and Water Damage Restoration in India. We offer 24X7 emergency service and work quickly to restore your property to pre-loss condition. Call us immediately!

To save your time, money and energy call the Fire and Water Damage Restoration professionals. Putting off a restoration service will cause long-term damage, which ultimately means long-term expenses. Our Process

  1. Inspection of your premises

Our professionals inspect areas of your building affected by the fire and analyze the extent of the damage. Some areas are easier to spot than others. For example, your floor may seem fine, but underneath there could be structural damage. This first step determines an action plan for the restoration process.

  1. Water Damage Cleanup

Many people are not aware that water can damage their business premises after a fire. But pipe bursts, fire fighter hoses, extinguishers can cause the majority of water damage after a fire. Our technicians will extract all water from the premises and dry the affected areas. This process will protect your property from long-term structural damage.

  1. Smoke and Odour Removal

EPSCO India uses professional equipment and techniques to remove smoke and odour from ceilings, walls and other surfaces.

  1. Content Restoration

EPSCO India professionals transform your business property to its pre-loss condition. Our Restoration doesn’t just clean the structural damage we also restore your contents. Using extensive cleaning and sanitation techniques EPSCO India can salvage your furniture, electronics and documents. The quicker you call us on our emergency number, the faster we can reach you!

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