How To Prevent Fire In Business Kitchens Following Nfpa96 Standard

National Fire Protection Association
What is the NFPA?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is a United States trade association that works to establish and maintain fire safety standards and codes to prevent death, injury, property damage or economic loss due to fire related hazards. EPSCO India has adopted these standards for our Kitchen Extraction Cleaning service in an effort to keep commercial kitchens safe from fire-related hazards.   What is #NFPA96 Standard and how does it apply to us?

#NFPA96 standard is the cleanliness standard for commercial kitchen extraction systems. In India, a large quantity of fried food is prepared in commercial kitchens on daily basis. With daily food preparations of mostly fried items, vaporized grease from cooking solidifies inside the ventilation ducts over time. This accumulated grease is the potential fire hazard. #NFPA96 outlines how often grease should be removed from your system by a professional contractor like EPSCO India as well as the guidelines of what areas need to be cleaned. Restaurant fires most often occur due to neglected kitchen extraction systems which are accumulated with grease within the ductwork.   What can you do about it?

If your kitchen extraction system isn’t properly cleaned, it allows grease residue to build up, creating a fire hazard inside of the hood, ductwork and exhaust fan. If a fire occurs on the cooking line, all of these grease deposits allow the fire to spread to other portions of the cooking facility very quickly. To prevent this fire risk you should remove the grease deposits with the help of the professionals.

How often you should clean your kitchen extraction system depends on how busy your restaurant kitchen is. When you keep and maintain a proper cleaning schedule, you are ensuring the safety of your business facility, your equipments and your employees. EPSCO India sets the highest national standard for kitchen exhaust system cleaning services and goes in sync with the fire safety code requirements of #NFPA96.

When you partner with us, you’ll never fail inspection or risk of getting shut down due to an unsafe kitchen extraction system. You will be making the best decision to keep your commercial kitchen fire-safe, clean, efficient and up to the code.  

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