What is Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fire Damage Restoration Process

Fires in industrial and business premises are the owner’s worst nightmare. Just the thought of most of business stuff going up in flames is enough to make most people’s skin crawl, along with the possibilities of the employees getting hurt. 

If a fire has devastated your business premises, there are certain precautions you should take regarding fire, smoke and water restoration. First and foremost do not try to do it all by yourself. The structure will need to be deemed safe for re-entry before you return to fetch your belongings, and you’ll need to arrange for a local fire restoration company to clean and restore your business premises. That’s where fire, smoke and water restoration service provider like EPSCO India comes in. Securing the business premises

When you call fire damage restoration team, the first thing they do is secure your property to prevent theft during the restoration process. They provide temporary fencing, locks, and board up your doors and windows to ensure that your business premise and items will not be tampered with.  Assessing the damage

Once they deem the structure safe for re-entry, they provide a thorough inspection to determine the scope of your losses and document the damage. This includes both fire and smoke damage, which can wreak havoc on your belongings weeks after the incident if it isn’t dealt with immediately. Damage from water is also common in the event of a fire, as the fire department will have to douse your business premise when putting out the fire. Hence they make a note of all fire, smoke and water damage.  Containing the damage

Fire, smoke and water damage can continue to degrade your property long after the incident if your business property and contents are not immediately restored. This is what is called “secondary damage,” and it involves the spread of contamination to areas otherwise unaffected. During the containment phase, restoration experts remove contents from your business premises, taking inventory of what is salvageable and what isn’t. Then, begin drying out business premises and remove ashes, soot, and rubble. Drying out the business property

Often, people forget about water damage when it comes to business fires, and they think they’ll be ready to move back in as soon as the soot has been cleared out. At EPSCO India, we offer fire, smoke and water restoration services for business owners who have recently been the victim of a fire, and we follow industry protocols for drying out properties after a fire has been put out. Our goal is to prevent secondary damage to your business property, which means eliminating anything that could foster the growth of mould and bacteria. Then, we dry out the remainder of the business property and content.

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