Fire, Smoke And Water Damage Restoration

Fire, Smoke And Water Damage Restoration


Fire is one of the deadliest hazards and can cause destruction within minutes, resulting in loss of property, valuables as well as documentation. This blog will guide property owners to call and rely on fire, smoke and water damage restoration professionals to bring their facilities back to full operation in shortest possible time.

According to the statistics compiled by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there were an estimated 100,500 commercial fires in 2013, resulting in an inflation-adjusted $2.9 billion in damage. Though these figures indicate U.S. fire related data, similar occurrences happen in every country. Most of the fires in India happen due to faulty wiring and ignoring safety norms in all kinds of commercial properties such as corporate offices, hospitals, hotels and industrial premises. This means each year we find ourselves relying on professional, ethical and efficient fire, smoke and water damage restoration experts to help our businesses and industries kept running after the worst comes to pass. Following sensible fire, smoke and water damage restoration steps is what makes this industry so important.


EPSCO India highly recommends calling fire, smoke and water damage restoration experts at the earliest. The quicker we start the restoration process, the chances of retrieving materials stand higher. Smoke and soot — which consists primarily of carbon and other chemicals are always present at fire scenes, in addition to residual water. This needs to be taken care of at the earliest. Under no circumstances should any untrained person be allowed to enter the fire damaged scene, and even minor fire damage cleanup should be left to the professional fire damage restoration company like EPSCO India. Just as no two structure fires are alike, all structure restoration jobs are treated differently.


Naturally, damage from the smoke and fire itself is only one of the several concerns and potential sources of continued danger, both for the property’s owners and for the restoration teams that arrive on the scene. Water from putting out the fire may also play a role in weakening structural elements of the premise, most particularly the roofs and walls and flooring materials may be positioned precariously after having been knocked out of place.


The distinct and overpowering odour left behind after a major fire arises due to the presence of the fire source itself. Debris left at damaged property needs to be removed promptly, to help reduce the intensity of the odour and help restoration crew move more quickly and effectively to return the property to its former self. It should be noted that both the responding fire department and the insurance company will need to make a report as to the origin and cause of the fire before this debris can be removed.

In most large-scale commercial fires, there are burned materials on the ground (e.g. acoustic ceiling tiles, furnishings, charred rugs, etc.). This will all need to be removed, as the soot covering them will mix with moisture and continue to cause further damage to the property, resulting in increase of the restoration expenses. Debris removal is also essential to mitigate the odours in the air that are caused by microscopic dust emanating from soot deposits and burned debris.


In cases of large destructive fires, it may be necessary to pack up and remove personal or company-owned belongings to prevent them from coming to further harm and to prevent recontamination once they’re returned to the premises. Trained fire and smoke damage mitigation teams of EPSCO India will clean these items thoroughly and try to salvage them with the best of their ability.


A fire does more damage than meets the eye. The structural damage is what most people can see. But at EPSCO India, we understand the water and the force of water or the fire extinguisher used also damage a lot of internal properties. The smoke really has small particles and it trickles to the inside of cupboards or furniture that was otherwise unharmed in the otherwise unwanted disaster. Cleaning up accumulated water is essential. In multi-story industrial estates, it’s not unusual for standing water to seep down to the next level, affecting ceilings and walls. Air movers can accelerate the drying process for floors, walls and furnishings. They can be stacked or elevated to reach higher water-damaged areas.


The loss is inevitable in case of fire. Property owners have to be realistic about what can and can’t be saved, and as professional fire, smoke and water damage restoration business, we set realistic expectations when discussing the salvaging ability of furnishings, fixtures, wall and floor surfaces and appliances.


The goal of our cleanup operation is to remove all evidence of fire, smoke and water damage, and to present a pristine property back to the client. We clear the air of any smoky or mildew odours. We make the surfaces intact and free of stains or discoloration, and we restore furnishings wherever possible. We identify and if possible repair the invisible damage like burned electrical conduits or plumbing, mould within the walls or beneath the flooring and anything else caused by smoke or water.

If you have any further questions concerning the capabilities of EPSCO India’s fire, smoke and water damage restoration service, please drop us an email on or call us on +91-22-49710621.

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