Fire Restoration – a thorough job

Fire Restoration
A fire in your residential or commercial property does more damage than meets the eye. The structural damage is what most people can see. But at EPSCO, we understand the water and the force of water or the fire extinguisher used also damages a lot of internal properties. Apart from this the smoke has really small particles and it trickles to the inside of cupboards or furniture that was otherwise unharmed in the otherwise unwanted disaster. Another factor that most people ignore is the delay in restoration process – with more delay, more damage occurs. If the restoration doesn’t begin on day one (in most cases it takes a few weeks to begin) a lot of damage can take place as an aftermath of fire. Within minutes – the earliest signs of damage are the strongest. The immediate soot residue after a fire causes discoloration among plastics, appliances and all porous materials like alabaster and marble. Within hours – these affect other parts that were unharmed otherwise. Simple discolorations start to turn into deeper stains. These stains affect bathrooms grouts, counter tops, appliance finishes, furniture finishes and more. Within days – the damage starts to become irreversible. Discolorations and stains on walls, appliances, etc. start to become permanent. Plus, the finishing on furniture and floors becomes so damaged that it must either be redone or replaced altogether. EPSCO Envirotech is a trusted industry leader with an experienced team of dedicated professionals. We work on call 24×7, to restore your homes or businesses to its original condition. Hence makes it possible to stop some of these damages. EPSCO provides complete Emergency Cleaning Service including  

Inspection and Assessment of Emergency Requirements

An EPSCO expert will examine the scene, paying attention to every detail. It’s vital that all the damage be discovered before a plan is made, as restoration work has to happen in a certain order. For example, flooring that appears fine to the naked eye might be warped due to water damage, or fire may have weakened underlying support beams. Covering up problems such as these would lower property values and lead to mounting expenses in the future, and costs may not be recouped by insurance. Our thorough inspection will make sure the restoration work is thorough.


Debris Removal

The dry debris is removed by hand and if water remains in the area, it must be removed as quickly as possible or further damage will accumulate. Our technicians will efficiently get the water out and set about drying everything immediately so that mold and rot won’t have time to set in.


Smoke and Odour Decontamination

Next, we use specialized equipment to clean soot from ceilings, floors, walls and other structure surfaces, as well as all salvageable items. This includes the use of air-scrubbing technology to remove the pervasive smoke odor that almost every property fire leaves behind.


Structural Drying

The structure of the building will be taken care of next. If water has seeped into the tiles or smoke has gone into the roof or other places. If the  beamis affected, all this is taken care of in this process.


Content Restoration

It’s now time to start the damage reversal process. Our certified professionals are skilled in a wide range of repairs and reconstruction, including drywall replacement, painting, carpet or floorboard removal and installation, and even major carpentry and remodeling projects.


Property Restoration

The next stage is to begin actually restoring furniture and repairing the damage caused by fire. For instance, if cabinets have been destroyed by fire, then fire damage restoration will involve either repairing those cabinets or replace them with new ones. Carpets can likewise be installed a new and walls can be repainted.

The idea of this stage is to get your property looking as good as new so that you can go back to normal.

We work with Insurance Companies and our clients in order to restore their real estate in as short a time as possible. Our clients are fully updated about the expectations and in most cases have exceeded the clients’ expectations.

The experienced and dedicated team at EPSCO Envirotech are very accurate in providing comprehensive estimates of the repair costs. All assessments include digital photographs of the property and, specific damage, together with a detailed appraisal of the overall situation.

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