The Importance of Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Kitchen Extraction Cleaning

Commercial Kitchens use sophisticated kitchen extraction systems. In India commercial kitchens undergo daily preparations of large quantity of fried foods because of which their kitchen extraction system gets clogged with combustible materials over time due to the enormous levels of activity they encounter. These grease clogged extraction systems pose great risk of fire and other health hazards and have to be cleaned regularly. What builds up in an extraction system?

With the daily use, many flammable or combustible materials like fats and grease, oily deposits, dust that get built up in a kitchen extraction system. What are the dangers of clogged extraction systems?

Having clogged kitchen extraction systems in your commercial premises is extremely dangerous. The dangers of having a clogged extraction system include: Increased risk of major fire spreading causing property loss and losing lives Creation of foul odours in kitchen as well as other parts of kitchen Reduced lifespan of kitchen extraction system Reduced airflow efficiency Warning that the cleaning is essential How often is kitchen extraction cleaning required? The cleaning of kitchen extraction system clearly depends upon how busy your kitchen is: In case of heavy use (12-16 hours per day) – you must clean every 3 months In case of medium use (6-12 hours per day) – it can be cleaned every 6 months In case of light use (2-6 hours per day) – Yearly cleaning will be sufficient What are the benefits of a clean extraction system? It is highly essential to have a clean extraction system to provide several benefits for your business. Clean extraction system represents reduced risk of a fire in the kitchen, which could prove dangerous and extremely costly. A clean extraction system offers enhanced performance in terms of quality and longevity of the system, as well as fewer repairs from wear and tear. Lastly, your business will see greater energy efficiency, which will lead to lower utility bills and costs. EPSCO India offers Annual Maintenance Contract for kitchen extraction system cleaning We provide AMC for kitchen extraction system cleaning based on American standards and guidelines NFPA#96 (National Fire Protection Association). Call us today!

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