Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning Services

Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

EPSCO India team has vast experience regarding working on every type of commercial kitchen duct and ventilation system. We offer our services for commercial kitchens of restaurants, schools, hospitals, public buildings and hotels.

Our present urban lifestyle and our Indian recipes lead to extensive frying. Commercial kitchens are busy frying food most of the time of their working hours. Because of this all kitchen exhaust ducts accumulate grease of oil on daily basis. If not cleaned regularly, this accumulated grease can create following problems:

1.               The most critical problem it can create is that the grease accumulation found in the ducts and hoods of all types of Kitchens is highly inflammable and therefore is a major ‘fire hazard’, which can lead to instant fire, injury, loss of life and property.

2.               Another important factor is the fact that over a period of time the grease accumulation present in the ducts and hood tends to melt and drip below where the food is being cooked thereby contaminating the food.

3.               Unclean exhaust ducts get chocked after a period of time, which leads to more load on the exhaust blowers which increase the electricity consumption and also makes the Kitchen area hot and uncomfortable to work in.

The only solution to these three problems is to call EPSCO India Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning Services. Our expert team cleans all types of kitchen exhaust ducts based on American standards and guidelines NFPA#96. We are the members of NFPA – National Fire Protection Association.

If you run busy commercial kitchen, you must need a Kitchen Exhaust System cleaning contractor. Call EPSCO India to regularly inspect and clean your commercial kitchen and keep it free of accidental fire.

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