EPSCO India Helps You Keep Your Work Environment Clean And Healthy

Increase Employee Comfort And Productivity
EPSCO India established it’s footprint in the country with only one thing in mind – to offer clean and breathable environment for employees working across various sectors and we can now boast about providing good indoor air quality to all the buildings that we have worked for so far. As employers your biggest challenge would be to keep your employees healthy and happiness. And good indoor air quality keeps the happiness quotient real high which in turn leads to productivity and sustained focus towards work. And bad IAQ can severely affect the wellness of employees. Hence helping keep your HVAC system clean directly results in making your employees productive and reduces absenteeism to a large extent. EPSCO India helps in maintaining good IAQ in the buildings and offices that have hired us. And we are very proud that in a short time we have created a name for ourselves. We have worked for commercial complexes, malls, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, hotels, restaurants and even the shipping industry. Let’s have a look at some factors that help us maintain good IAQ. · Ventilation is in accordance with the current guidelines established in the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 62.1, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. · Comfort factors (i.e., temperature, humidity, air movement) in a range that is acceptable to most occupants, such as published in ASHRAE Standard 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy. · Mechanical equipment and building surfaces are maintained in sanitary condition. · Significant emission sources, such as large copy machines, are separated from occupied spaces and air intakes. · Major sources of chemical or biological contamination are promptly identified and controlled. · Occupied areas are regularly cleaned and good housekeeping practices are in place. · Operations, maintenance, and construction activities are performed in a manner that minimizes occupant exposure to airborne contaminants. Though there are several factors that bring about IAQ problems and EPSCO India cannot remove all of that but we ensure that we clean the HVAC system so well that it does not pose a problem till the next cleaning cycle cleaning. Let us also look at the common sources of IAQ problems Contaminants may originate from a variety of sources both inside and outside of a building, and may include airborne chemicals, bacteria, fungi, pollen and dust. Although they are not indoor pollutants, factors such as temperature, humidity, lighting, noise and personal and work-related stress can affect occupants’ perceptions of indoor air quality. Potential sources of contaminants in office buildings include dust; inadequate design or maintenance of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems; cleaning chemicals, which may contain irritant vapor and/or volatile organic compounds, or VOCs; pesticides; building materials; office equipment such as copy machines and printers; furnishings; occupant metabolic wastes (respiration and perspiration); fragrances/cosmetics; and tobacco smoke. Of course, virtually all of these are present to some degree in every building. They cause IAQ problems only when concentrations become excessive, usually as a result of being generated at a greater rate than they can be removed by the building’s ventilation system. While we like to take your problems away by giving you A-grade service, we would also like to give you some tips to maintain the IAQ of commercial buildings. Three fundamental measures will greatly reduce the likelihood of IAQ problems: good building and ventilation design, effective building maintenance (particularly of the HVAC system) and thoughtfully designed and executed renovation projects. Every building manager should develop a performance profile of the building ventilation system, including analyses of comfort, ventilation and sanitation. This is accomplished in two primary ways. · Inspecting accessible areas of the system for obvious malfunction, bad design, or contamination ·Determining airflow, temperature, humidity, proper occupancy and air balance (pressure differentials) in representative areas (zones or rooms) of the building EPSCO India has been hired to clean many an HVAC units through the country and we are proud to say that we may have successfully averted some great fires due to kitchen ducts and laundry ducts. We were glad to be there before any mishap. We have worked with some pharma companies and successfully given them clean and new-like pipes through their system. Another area that India gave us an opportunity to work on was asbestos abatement. Asbestos has been widely used in India and till recent times. Little did people around know how dangerous this material can be in the long run and we have carefully gotten rid of them. And today we can proudly proclaim that irrespective of your industry EPSCO India helps you keep your work environment clean and healthy.

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