Why Hire Professional Kitchen Extraction Duct Cleaners

Kitchen Extraction Duct Cleaners


Commercial kitchens are extremely busy cooking places. Whole day long high volume and continuous cooking produce lots of smoke, grease and moisture. As the time passes, the grease gets accumulated inside the sophisticated kitchen extraction systems. This grease can be the potential fire hazard. Research indicates that most of the restaurant fires start from the kitchens.

These sophisticated kitchen extraction ducts systems are engineered for performance, and subject to food service regulations. But from time to time, they will need professional maintenance. That’s where EPSCO India steps in to offer its professional Kitchen extraction cleaning service. Given below are the professional tip for you to consider professional kitchen and restaurant extraction system cleaning;

Stay Fire-Code Friendly

No matter what is the size or design of your kitchen, kitchen extraction ducts generally works the same way. Cooking releases smoke and oily fumes into the air, exhaust fans pull this “contaminated” air from the room, trapping the grime in a filter on its way out, other fans pump in fresh, breathable air to replace the air that was lost.

Kitchen extraction ducts are usually placed right over the cooking surface, in order to catch effluent as quickly as possible. The only downside is that this setup puts the filter relatively close to your heat source. If the filter becomes overloaded with grease, a flare-up from the stove can ignite it instantly and the fire may spread upwards into your ductwork. To avoid catastrophic grease fires, regular kitchen extraction ducts cleaning is extremely important. That’s why state and municipal governments set strict laws that cover topics like ventilation cleaning and maintenance, and organizations like The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 96) publish ventilation and fire code standards to help you stay informed.

That’s where EPSCO India Kitchen Duct Cleaning service can be useful. Call us before it’s too late. We provide kitchen extraction ducts cleaning services as per guidelines issued by NFPA 96 and other facility management solutions – for hundreds of restaurants and food producers nationwide. Call us today at +91-22-49710621 for a free estimate, and let us know how we can help.

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