Industrial Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning

Industrial Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning
Industrial Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning is must. Behind every fire related accident, human negligence is a cause. Be it faulty wiring or jammed kitchen extraction system or storage of highly flammable items at one place; once the fire breaks out, it guts out everything in sight within no time, resulting in great loss of human lives, property and business. Our urban lifestyle has changed our habits and we prefer eating out a lot resulting in opening of new eateries and industrial kitchens around us. The more we eat outside, the more these kitchens produce cooked food that builds more and more grease inside their sophisticated exhaust systems. Every day as we see, industrial kitchens are very busy with food orders and continuously working forming layers of grease inside their extraction systems. This means more grease build-up and the risk of fire is increased proportionally on daily basis. Besides for many restaurateurs and facility managers getting the kitchen exhaust ducts cleaned is at the bottom of their priority list and budget. This ignorance can become a cause for a major fire that can destroy their lives, business and property in minutes. That’s why Industrial Kitchen Extraction System Cleaning is must. These systems require regular inspection and cleaning in compliance with local and international regulations in order to avoid the high probability of fire. This is where EPSCO India steps in and cleans all types of kitchen exhaust ducts based on American standards and guidelines NFPA#96 (National Fire Protection Association). EPSCO India team of experts first inspect the entire Industrial Kitchen Extraction system. Understand the scale of grease accumulated inside the ducts and accordingly use state of the art cleaning methods to clean the greasy kitchen ducts. There are several methods of cleaning and we use the appropriate ones that suit the type of kitchen extraction system. All cleaning agents used by EPSCO India are food grade, non-inflammable, environmentally safe and metal friendly. We also provide comprehensive ‘After Service Report’ and ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photographs of all the areas cleaned by us. Please remember, a stitch in time saves nine. Call EPSCO India to regularly clean your kitchen extraction system and stay safe.
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