Microbe cell has a fatty body – cell membrane.

For the cell to multiply the cell has to expand and reproduce. But when the cell comes in contact with this nano size compound or it expands or enlarge, the compound that act as a spike punctures the cell body – killing the cell.
Once cell is ruptured the virus within if any, will also die with the cell or host.

Active Shield + thus inhibits growth of any microbes and protects the coated surface 24×7 for days and months until the coat is physically damaged.



Let us Compare the Difference

With our product we want to offer you a more economical service model which involves supply of one product that is Disinfection and Protection solution together and you use your in house resources.

1. Disinfection & Protection with Active Shield+: Single coat of disinfection & Protection. Saves resources – you only pay for Active Shield+.

2. In house resources + savings: In house resources are well equipped and have best knowledge of the facility to carry out the disinfectant and coating of ActiveShield+. Saves costs significantly + No Risk of external cross infection.

3. One Time Active Shield+ Protection: Applied only once and remains significantly more effective up to 6 months* ensuring the protection is continuous 24×7.
*(provided the coating is safe from physically abrasion)

With your current service model you provide housekeeping services + periodic disinfection services usually outsourced with labour and chemicals duplicating the cost of resources and also introducing new outside resources in facility & exposing risk of infection.

1. Disinfection. Multiple disinfection costs of resources & chemical.

2. External vendor Risk & Costs: Duplicate resources for similar job scope in spite of your own resources in the facility + Exposure to cross infection by external vendor teams entering in your facility.

3. Repeated services: Without protection, disinfection needs to be carried out regularly to minimise risk. Even then during intermittent time period between the 2 disinfection the risk is very high. Defeats the purpose of disinfection services.


When you successfully disinfect a surface, at first these chemicals can kill the microbe growth and keep your surfaces clean. But as time progresses the microbes can mutate and grow on these surfaces rendering the chemical useless.

In such case every few hours the surface would be a risk for cross contamination. The disinfection is temporary because as soon as someone touches or coughs around the surface it contaminates.
It is important to protect surfaces for longer durations.

Study on petri dish below shows that microbe grow immediately within a day on the disinfected surface & keep multiplying significantly.


Active Shield+ uses a proprietary compound to keep your surface protected 24 hours a day till the compound is not scratched away from the surface. When coated on any surface, super transparent Active Shield+ sticks to applied surface (through a chemical bond) and forms like an invisible crystalline bed of sharp needles.

These extremely sharp nano particle sized crystals are insensible to the human touch, however the microbes landing on these coated surfaces will be punctured and killed on contact.

Self disinfecting invisible coating that protects 24×7 and shields you from cross infections.

Areas of Application

This compound in various forms is widely used for various applications from Facility internal and external features, to ATM, medical equipment, furniture’s, automotive/airliner.
 Reduces the Risk of Cross Contamination
 Safe for Use in a Variety of Environments
 Self Disinfecting Anti-Microbial Coating