Its an all purpose surface cleaner and disinfectant.

ACTIVE SHIELD+ uses a proprietary compound to keep the surfaces protected 24 hours a day till the compound is not scratched away from the surface.

ACTIVE SHIELD+ sticks to applied surface (through a chemical bond) and forms like an invisible crystalline bed of sharp needles.

These sharp nano sized crystals are insensible to the human touch, however the microbes landing on these coated surfaces will be punctured and killed on contact.

 It reduces the risk of cross contamination with the self disinfecting anti-microbial coating.


ACTIVE SHIELD+ (ASP) is a protective layer that can stay on a surface for over a 90 days as long as the coating is not scratched or scrubbed away and eliminates microbe 24×7, making the high touch surface SAFE.

 It is a physical crystalline compound (QOS) attached to any surface using Chemical bond of (Silane).
 The crystalline compound, a nano particle is like Nano size needles which puncture the microbes cells killing them.
 Silane base bond are strong and thus once coating is done it sticks to any surface unless removed by physical abrasion or scratch.

QOS Ingredients

CompoDimethyloctadecyl[3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl] ammonium chloride 40~72 %, IPA/Propylene glycol 18~50 %, 3-Chloropropyltrimethoxysilane < 10%,RTU Solution: QOS ~2-4%, Inert Ingredient ~96-98%